Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

The holidays were different for us in a few different aspects. Beginning with Christmas Eve spent differently and then moving on to the differences on Christmas Day. For me it was different that I did not cook or host Thanksgiving, nor did I for Christmas. This year, my brother and sister in law hosted Christmas Day.

Christmas morning found our house sleeping in, Rachel being the last one to get up around 7:15am. Once she was up we did our traditional opening of the stockings in our living room. Santa brought me a USB hub and the complete series of Beauty and the Beast on DVD. It was a series that I really liked and I cannot wait to watch it!

The girls opened up presents next. A new scooter, a guitar, and a few new Wii games were found beneath our Christmas Tree.

We arrived at my brother's house around 9:00am, shortly being joined by my parents and my uncle. We exchanged presents and the girls once again found themselves playing together, enjoying presents they'd just opened.

Middday we were joined by my sister in laws side of the family and we had a yummy Christmas Dinner together, followed by an afternoon of playing Bingo (complete with prizes!) and Sing Star on the Playstation.

While our Christmas holidays were different, they were great ones to say the least. I'm sad to see the season has come and gone, once again feeling as though it flew by. And here we are, just two days after Christmas and all the evidence of Christmas no longer exists with the exception of the wreath on the front door. And yet, with as quickly as time seems to go, Christmas will once again be here before we know it!

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