Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today we are one week Post Op. Yippeee! Thank You Lord for your goodness and healing hand!

Today, like thousands of women will do tomorrow, I cooked a turkey. But unlike those thousands of women, I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, my Mama is. We had no idea how hard this recovery would be for Rachel, so my Mom went ahead and planned to cook Thanksgiving this year.

But everybody knows one of the best things about hosting holidays and cooking is all the leftovers the next day. So last week, I scored a 15 lb Jeanie-O turkey for $5.00 and I cooked it up today just for the mere fact of turkey sandwiches this weekend while we are decking the house for Christmas!

The turkey has since been deconstructed.

The carcass is now boiling away in a huge pot atop the store. The broth and the pieces of meat that'll fall off the bone will make for a yummy soup next week.

The dark meat has all been cut and measured out into two cups and put into freezer bags for enchiladas down the road, or any other dish that calls for chicken.

And the breast meat has all be nicely cut and laid in a container for sandwiches this holiday weekend.

Today, I'm thankful it's today and not a week ago, or even two weeks ago. :)

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