Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Let me just start off this post by saying I am extremely thankful for our health insurance. I know things could be worse, and will become worse if Obamacare continues to work it's way through California. But right now, I need to seriously vent about Loma Linda University's billing.

In recent months, I have spent countless HOURS on the phone with the Loma Linda billing offices and with our health insurance trying to straighten out several different problem claims, all related to Rachel.

And rather than go into all the long and drawn out details, I'll just say this and move on.....

Loma Linda University Medical Center and their billing offices are incompetent and can't even do the simplest of things right!!!!

There. I feel a little bit better.....


Kim said...

It is so ridiculous to have to go over all the billing and do THEIR job, isn't it?

Letti said...

I have had issues with them before too :)

Darcy said...

Yesterday, we discovered that Loma Linda billed our insurance for the 8-2-10 appointment for Rachel with her plastic surgeon as Steven as the patient!!!!

1) That certainly doesn't help us out with trying to meet Rachel's deductible


2) Now they have to send a hardcopy of the corrected bill. Which means if they don't listen to me and go ahead and send it electronically, our insurance automatically denies it because to the system, it already has a claim for that Date of Service.

There hasn't been a single time in the last six years of steadily dealing with them that they haven't screwed it up, or us in the process. We've been turned into collections over bills we openly are fighting. It's all so frustrating. And we know that come November and Rachel's surgery and all those bills, aren't going to be any different.

Joy Howse said...

SO frustrating, Darcy!! We are still dealing with billing for Aiden's surgery from April for his teeth. They told us they would bill medical first a couple of times and then consult with us about what we wanted to do if denied, if we wanted to go with dental or fight some more. Come to find out they never even tried to go through our medical, they just went straight through the dental and got paid. I MADE THEM SEND THE CHECK BACK!! and they did... I just got confirmation the other day. I have no idea where the medical claim is at in it's process and can't stand the idea of calling to deal with them. Aiden's first surgery was originally billed to a totally different family that had an Aiden born on the same day (not even born with a cleft but born at LLUMC). They need to get a clue and do a major overhaul of their system!! Praying things will get ironed out SOON!