Thursday, August 26, 2010

Job Update

So all my paperwork was filled out, and faxed in, and sometimes faxed again. I got the final word late Monday evening that everything had been received and the next step would be to begin online training once all my paperwork had been reviewed.

I received my email with access to the online training Tuesday evening. I started my training that evening after the girls had gone to bed and finished it up Wednesday morning before heading to the dentist.

By days end yesterday, I was granted access to start scheduling myself into clinics. I was excited as I was logging in, but my excitement faded as I logged in and found that there weren't any near by shifts open. There were lots of shifts available in Palm Springs, Ridgecrest, Apple Valley, and Hesperia. But who wants those?? Not that there's anything exactly wrong with those places, after all Steven was raised in one of those cities, but I don't want to drive 40+ miles just to work and eat up what I earn in gas. So I was a little bummed.

But as I checked back a few minutes later, and kept checking back, I scored four shifts, all at different grocery stores within about 7 miles of our home! I even scored a shift in my hometown grocery store!! And could have scored another shift there on a Wednesday, but Wednesdays don't work out for me to work as it's minimum day dismissal for the girls and speech day for Rachel.

The anticipation of hopefully being quick enough to nab the shift before anyone else did was just like watching an auction on ebay, LOL. Within twenty minutes shifts opened up and I was encouraged by the fact that you just have to check the schedule frequently.

So as of this morning, my first shift is on September 24. But I plan on checking the site several times a day to see if shifts become available.

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Leah said...

I have been a lazy commenter lately, but I "have" been following along with your summer activities. And it sounds like you'll be extra busy this fall, too. Hope it doesn't take you long to fall into your own special groove with all you've got going on. I think you wouldn't have volunteered for the school positions, or began this new job unless you absolutely loved them. I wish you well!


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