Monday, August 2, 2010

The Homework Basket

Both of the girls sit at the kitchen table to do their homework. It worked for us last year, and I'm assuming it'll work for us again this year. One of the things that was extremely helpful last year, was this basket, that we've deemed 'the homework basket'. It sits on the shelf just below the aquarium that sits behind the kitchen table.In the basket is a vase filled with sharpened pencils, erasers, a pencil box of crayons, a pencil pouch of colored pencils, a couple of pencil sharpeners, a dictionary, and usually there are a couple of glue sticks in the basket. Everything the girls would possibly need to complete their homework. It works for us, perhaps it'll work for you!


Letti said...

What a great idea. I need something like this.

Darcy said...

It really helps. It also avoids the whole "I can't find my pencil" or "I need crayons to color this part". LOL


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