Friday, July 23, 2010

Summertime Memories: Lake Perris

I'm sure for any of my readers who live locally and know where Lake Perris is, your first thought when seeing that Blog Title was "Eww", but really years ago, Lake Perris wasn't bad.

Like I said in a previous post, our summer breaks stretched out for almost 3 months. That was a lot of time to keep two kids entertained and busy. One of the things we used to do a couple times a summer was to pack a lunch, our beach chairs, and umbrella and go to Lake Perris for for a few hours. Sometimes we'd meet friends, sometimes my Mom let us each take a friend.

It was a fun and inexpensive thing to do.

I remember as a kid camping in the campground as well. I remember one particular summer whereas we were camping the for the week and my eyes got so sunburned and strained from the constant glare of the lake, that my Dad had to bring me home for an afternoon. Just to give me a chance to get out of the bright sun for a few hours. Ahhh, summer memories....

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