Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It's back to reality today. Back to getting up and out the door, the girls to school, and later today it'll be homework and dinner and baths and bedtime and starting all over tomorrow morning.

We spent Memorial Day Weekend camping at San Elijo with our good friends from church. Normally, there's a bigger crowd of our church family, but getting reservations was unsuccessful this time around for everyone but Scott and Paula.

The car was loaded and packed as we picked Hannah up from school on Friday afternoon and then hit the road. Once our tent was set up and our things in place as well as a quick trip to the store to get sheets that I'd forgotten (I make our air mattress into a bed with sheets and blankets) it was time to decompress and get into total relaxation mode.

We spent the weekend relaxing, sitting on the beach for several hours on both Saturday and Sunday, playing Mexican train dominoes and enjoying each others company. You could tell it was a holiday weekend on the beach, people started staking out their spots and saving them with easy ups, umbrellas, blankets, and chairs before 8:00am on both days. The Lord blessed us with amazing, amazing weather all weekend long. Beautiful blue skies, not too warm, not too cold, just perfect. And at the end of the day, He blessed us with amazing sunsets. We had a great weekend. It was nice to get away, relax, enjoy each other's company. The next fourteen days will be busy ones for me as the school year is coming to what feels like a screeching halt with award ceremonies, luncheons, play days, and miscellaneous other end of the year things, so I especially enjoyed the down time. We're looking forward to our next camping trip coming up next month at the same location, with more of our church family.


Liz said...

That sunset picture is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of all four of you!


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