Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Missing My Weekday Trips

A couple Friday's ago, the girls were out of school. And well, Friday + No School = Trip to Disneyland in my books!

It was a perfect day, the crowds were light, the weather absolutely beautiful, and the girls were behaving. And it really made me realize just how much I miss my mid-week trips to The Happiest Place on Earth.

For the last three school years, I've been able to drop Hannah off at school and make a trip to my Happy Place with Rachel. All the while being back in time to pick Hannah up when school was out. And the years prior to that, I was able to make middle of the week trips with both my girls.

But not this school year...

This school year finds me dropping both the girls off at school at 8:00, back to pick up Rachel at 11:30, and then back again at 2:15 to pick up Hannah. So the mid week trips have pretty much been non-existant since the school year started. With the exception of the days we have no school, which generally means, it might be a holiday where a lot of people are there.

Next school year will be different. Both the girls will get dropped off at 8:00 and picked up at 2:15. Which means, I can go back to having Mid Week trips to my Happy Place again! I know of another annual passholder friend who will be in the same boat and we can meet up, and I'm hoping to convince my Mama to buy a pass so that we can go together and people watch and soak in the perfectly landscaped planters.

Hmmm, There's a four day weekend coming up. I'll have to check to see if we're blocked out because of the holidays!


Carolyn said...

I have been saying the exact same thing the past few weeks ~ I really, really miss the time I had with my boy. Many a day we would drop Katie off and head to DL, and I would take the long way home so he could nap in the car before picking her up. Sometimes I really hate kindergarten :(

Darcy said...

I know. You're the friend I mention in my post.

I guess we'll look forward to the season in our lives, where we go during the week without our children...and shop and sit on a bench!! :)

Carolyn said...

We are going on M's bday, the 18th, if you would like to meet us there :) Phyllis is going as well.

Anonymous said...

waaaaaahhhhh! crying because I live almost 1000 miles from Walt Disney World and 3000 miles from Disneyland! It will be July before I see a Disney park again (WDW) and who knows when I will get back to DL!


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