Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Celebration of Diana's Life

This afternoon was the memorial / celebration of life for my dear friend, Diana. What a beautiful, beautiful service.

Purple was Diana's favorite color and many were wearing purple, not black, in celebration of her life. There were big pillars of purple balloons. Diana loved balloons, and the sparkly balloons were a perfect tribute.

The stage was adorned with a 11x20 picture of Diana. One of my all time favorite pictures of her. There was also a picture of her when she was a baby and another with her Mom. There was a beautiful black marbled oblong table that set in the middle of the stage, with the most beautiful swag of flowers, lavender in color of course. With taper candles lit in the midst of the flower swag. And in front of the swag, a beautiful urn that held Diana's ashes. A small table sitting on the floor level with a bouquet of flowers, and Diana's Bibles. It was a beautiful setting and I would have loved a picture of it, but felt it wouldn't have been appropriate. My Mom said there would have been nothing wrong about it, and now I wish I'd taken that picture.

The service was held at the church in which I grew up in. The church I met Steven at. Where I walked down the aisle and become his wife. Where we had our first daughter dedicated. A church that holds many fond memories. It was six years ago this coming April that we left the 10,000+ member church to go to a smaller church. I knew it'd be emotional just going back to the campus, and it was. While the grounds have changed tremendously, the sanctuary not as it once was, that church will always hold a special place in my heart.

It was good to see some longtime friends I've not seen for years. Sad to have reunited under the circumstances, but it was good to see them nonetheless. The Pastor officiating the service was a longtime friend to my parents, the pastor who prayed and dedicated our firstborn. It was good to see him, to hear his eulogy, and to hear his sermonette.

The eulogies were appropriate. One by the husband of a longtime friend, and one by another mutual friend. Both capturing the very essence of who DIana was. I was honored to have been mentioned in DaNiece's stories and memories.

Following the service, there was a light lunch provided. And it was nice to sit with friends and catch up with one another and remember some funny stories and pranks we'd been a part of with Diana.

It was a beautiful afternoon. A beautiful celebration of Diana's life...


Joy Howse said...

Sounds like a wonderful celebration of her life. i also worried about taking a picture at my brothers memorial would be inappropriate but I am glad that I did now. That is after all a part of our life and memories.

busta said...

Darcy it really was the perfect day. Felt like Diana was right there with us. Miss her more today then the day Diana went home I think. Sad but true. Heaven's really sweet right now because she's there. With that long curly black hair...
Diana's friend Kathy took lots of pictures of the stage. I'll see if I can get some. Love you my friend

busta said...

It really was the perfect day. So beautiful. It almost felt like Diana was right there with us, singing, smiling, laughing when she heard Jacks comment about her burps...Was a beautiful day. I really miss her, more then you can amagine. Heaven's feels so sweet right now. She's there, looking into Jesus' face, smiling, laughing, her hands in the air praising our Father face to face. And there she stands with long black curly hair...our friend, our Diana. Miss her. Can't wait to see her again.


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