Saturday, January 16, 2010


Monday through Friday can be quite a struggle when it comes to getting the girls up and out of bed.

It doesn't matter if they've gone to bed on time (7:30, or some nights as early as 7:00) or they've stayed up until after 9:00 due to it being Bible Study night or another reason we're out late. But it never fails, I can't get them out of bed much before 6:50, let alone talking and in a good mood.

But this morning, because it's Saturday, because it's the first morning of a 3 day weekend, both the girls were up shortly after 6:30, bouncing around, talking up a storm, slamming doors, and settling in to watch television that they've been deprived of all week.



Carolyn said...

Matthew, who hasn't been up before 7 in weeks, was up today at 5:30. Told him I don't want to see his eyeballs until after 9am tomorrow, but will be lucky if he makes it past 7 ~ UGH!!!

Darcy said...

Wassup with that?!?!?! It's 7:15 now, praying you don't see his eyeballs for at least another half an hour. LOL


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