Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thrift Store Finds!

This afternoon, after picking Rachel up from school, my Mom and I ventured to a nearby Salvation Army drop off location. I had a couple of bags that I wanted to donate and get out of the garage and today was the day to do just that.

At this particular location, there was also a Salvation Army thrift store. Mom and I decided to go on an in check it out. Starting with the dishes and glassware, Mom spotted these plates on the very bottom shelf of one of the aisles of glassware. They matched a set of eight plates I already had and have used for luncheons and church teas. There were 17 of these plates and they were very inexpensively priced at only $1.55 each, but as I was looking at them, something on the shelf caught my eye as well...

It was a Pampered Chef stoneware baking dish identical to the one my sister in law has. She's used it a few times in my presence and I love it. Just the other day I was on the Pampered Chef website looking at one to perhaps buy for myself, but at $38.00, I decided against it. So I was very excited to have found it sitting on the shelves within a thrift store, and marked for $2.49!!! No thought went into that and it quickly went into our cart. And then I went back to looking at the glass luncheon plates. I carefully looked them over and then decided that if I bought all they had, I'd have enough for any function I'd ever have or even perhaps use them for a function in the Women's Ministry of our new church. So into the cart those plates went.

The best part of it, was when I got to the register and everything rang up 50% off!! IT was 50% off Friday which meant I got the $38 Pampered Chef dish for $1.24 and the luncheon plates for .78 cents!!!! A MAJOR score indeed and I think it might just be a place to check back from time to time!


Liz said...

Awesome!! Less than $20 got you some cool stuff!!

Leah in Iowa said...

I love my PC stoneware things - you'll be more than happy with your new baking dish! I'd love to see a photo of your new dishes, too. =)