Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Traditions: Dinner as a Family

In this day and age it's very rare that you hear of families sitting down to dinner together. Personally, in my opinion, I think it's contributing to the breakdown of the family.

Dinner as a family allows you to come together and talk about each others' day. Hear the going ons of your children's school day, even if you already heard them in the car on the way home from school. It keeps you connected with your kids day, and with your spouse's day. It keeps you connected to one another.

We ALWAYS ate dinner as a family growing up. We never sat in the living room in front of the TV while eating dinner. And that's the same for us now. We eat at the kitchen table for dinner every night of the week. There are those rare occasions that we order pizza or something easy is made and we eat at the coffee table, while watching a movie.

I know there are special circumstances to not sitting down as a family for dinner every night. There are spouses who commute long distances, have late work nights, etc. But there has to be a few days in the week that a family can have dinner together.

With Steven working at home, I know how his day goes. He's able to share with me how a conference call meeting went or his frustrations of a co-worker, of a project, etc. And I'm able to do the same with frustrations I may face through the day. But we both know how each others day went. But with both girls in school now, it's really funny to watch at dinner the way they both compete to talk about their school day.

As crazy and loud our dinner time can be, I'm very happy that's Steven's working from home not only allows us to eat dinner every night as a family, but also breakfast!!!


Jon and alyssa said...

We ALWAYS sat down to eat dinner together growing up! Now as Jon and I make our own family traditions we have made a pont to make that a priority. There are nights that we can't have dinner together, because of work, but we make a point of dinning it a few times a week.

Joy Howse said...

We eat dinner at the table EVERY night, minus the occassional 'picnic' in the livingroom. This one small moment is the light of my day when we are all together. It was super important to my mom and dad and I intend to show my kiddos the value of family time shared around a good meal (or not so good if you experiment with Mac 'n Cheese recipes like I have been doing). :)


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