Friday, October 23, 2009

Step Away From The Technology...For Just a Minute

It's no secret, we are definitely living in the age of progressing technology. The era of cell phones that can take pictures, videos, text, and access the internet are all the rage. I know I'm counting down the days til my contract is up and I can finally obtain my iPhone. But there is a time and a place to use that stuff.

I've been in two different functions in the last week whereas a cell phone was being used at inappropriate time. At the first event, it was a seminar at church. There were only about 15 people in the small intimate setting of our fellowship hall, and the person beside me (and no it wasn't Steven!) was texting during the lecture and closing prayer! Seriously, couldn't what they were exchanging have waited just a while longer? It was afterall only an hour lecture.

The second mishap was during a recent prayer meeting. Seriously? Looking at your texts while people are praying?? Unless it was a text from the Lord above, pretty sure those texts could have waited.

There's a thought, maybe the Lord should take up Texting. Maybe people would better attention to what He has to say.

Yes, we're in the age of progressing technology, but sadly, I think we're in the age of regressing socially. Rarely do people send snail mail (course with the price of a stamp, who can blame them). Rarely do people call. And even when there is face to face conversations being had, they are becoming interrupted by the use of a cell phone.

Anyways, every where you go now, people are on their phones - driving (it's actually against the law here in California, but everyone still does it), in stores, and in social situations. Which bugs me in the absolute worst way. If you're in a social situation, put your phone away. Don't bring it out to text, to check Facebook, or check your email. It's rude and inconsiderate.

I just think people need to step back and take a break sometimes.


Liz said...

Bravo!!! I completely agree!!!

Any chance they were taking notes from the sermon/lecture on their notepad part of the phone?

Darcy said...

Yeah, No. The person kept showing me the responses of the person whom was being texted. :)

Joy Howse said...



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