Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Crib

It was this time ten years ago that we started crib shopping. We searched and searched until we found just the perfect one, that we both liked. It was an expensive crib, as most cribs are. But I had just been given $200 from one of the doctors I worked for as a going away present and I used that money towards the crib.The crib has been in storage in various areas of the house - in the trundle of Hannah's bed, behind Rachel's bedroom door, in Rachel's closet - for the last 3 years. We know we're done having children, so the time had come this last Spring to start searching for a new home for it.
Hannah, sitting in the crib, 3 months old.

I tried several times to sell the crib, after all, it's in excellent condition, and we paid a lot for it. However, none of the times I tried to sell it worked out. On Saturday morning, on a friends Facebook Status, she put out a request that she was looking for a crib, a dresser, and miscellaneous other things needed to put together for a nursery. A nursery her and her husband were putting together for the Foster Babies they will soon be welcoming into their home.
Rachel, 9 months old.

And that was it. I knew I could give my crib to my dear friend who was opening her home and heart to care and love babies who for some reason have a rough start with their own families. I didn't want to just give my crib to the Goodwill, nor give it away to people who wouldn't really take care of it, but giving the crib to my friend for her foster baby nursery, that I could do.

So within just a few hours of having emailed her, telling her our desire to give her and her husband our crib, I was dragging it out from various places, and she was here picking it up and we were loading it into her van.I was so excited and knew that this was the very reason those times I tried to sell the crib didn't work out, the Lord knew of the upcoming need for a crib for our friends nursery and our crib would be the one to furnish it!


Kim said...

Neat story! We haven't ever been able to sell ours either and it's currently in storage in the garage (we did give the mattress to a friend though). I have wondered for what purpose it will be put to, and this story makes me happy we still have it because God must have a reason. :)

Joy Howse said...

How exciting to know it is going to a good home. I have been trying to sell Aiden's 3 in 1 crib with changing table and drawers attached with no success. he used it for less then a year because he was in his cradle for so long and then did a transition to the big boy bed at 15 months old. So, his NICE crib sits still assembled in my bedroom since there is no room in the garage to store it. (if we get to move to the place we want then we will have storage room, but I would rather it be sold and be used).

Carolyn said...

I felt the same way about my Marathon ~ too nice to throw away, not going to just give it to Good Will for them to sell, and then there was Diana in need of a 'bigger' seat :) Perfect!!!

Darcy said...

I still have Rachel in the Marathon. :) I debated at the start of Kindergarten of putting her into the booster seat. But when it came down to it, the Marathon was so much more protection for her and she's still so little. LOL.

Liz said...

What a great story, Darcy! I love it!


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