Monday, October 5, 2009

An Afternoon in Oak Glen

Nestled back in the local mountains is a small apple community called Oak Glen. There are several ranches and unique shops to stroll through and many places to stop for a spell and grab a slice of apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider. To view the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the crispness of the air, the smell of baking apples. It's apple season and I love going to Oak Glen this time of year, my family, not so much. LOL. The perfect opportunity arose yesterday following church. In a matter of minutes, it was four friends going to Oak Glen for the afternoon, minus the kids and the husbands. We wasted no time in hopping in my van and heading for the hills, literally!We made several stops in the little community. One stop was Snow Line, where Huell Howser once featured their cider donuts. After obtaining a parking spot, and making our way to the barn, we were greeted with this extremely long line. Knowing it was for donuts, we got in the line, and then one of us went to the front of the line to discover the people had been waiting in line for an hour and fifteen minutes. We quickly got out of line as no donut is possibly worth waiting in line for, much less an hour and fifteen minutes!!We continued our journey on to another ranch where we each had some apple pie and apple crisp along with coffee and hot cider. Enjoying the crisp, really cool (borderline cold) air, and the great uninterrupted conversations. We made our way through some of the shops, browsing, smelling candles, and determining our moods with mood rings! LOL. We spent a few hours in Oak Glen, even ran into some of our church family up there! We finished off our afternoon with dinner at Applebees with more uninterrupted conversation.

The afternoon was great. It was so relaxing. It was nice to be in the fresh air, the coolness of the afternoon. And it was nice to be with three of my very special sisters in the Lord. We had a great, great time and are appreciative to our husbands for holding down the fort while we got away for the afternoon.

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Joy Howse said...

How special to have uninterrupted ADULT time. Oak Glen is such a fun place. Dale and I are hoping to take the kids up there, or maybe just get away the two of us, that would be nice.

Hope you are having a blessed week.


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