Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet Murphy

This summers promotion at Disneyland was called "Nightastic". I wrote a post about how awesome some of it sounded.

One of those things was the new animatronic dragon that was to be added to Fantasmic!. The dragon was supposed to debut on June 11, but things went wrong and rumors were that his head fell off.

Well, finally, after months and months of delay, Murphy the Fantasmic! Dragon made his debut last night. Here is a clip of Murphy from his premiere last night. <FYI: No, I did not tape this video. All I'll say is that Disneyland and Fantasmic! Fans have been waiting for Murphy to premiere all summer and I can understand their excitement and can't wait to see him in person myself!

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Jon and alyssa said...

I am a huge disneyland fan too, but would you believe, I have NEVER seen Fantasmic. Shacking I know. I will have to see it soon!


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