Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is Here

Ahhh, the calendar has said "Fall" for a week now, but the weather the last few days, feels like "Fall". It's a welcomed change and I for one am ready for cooler weather.

Our house is decorated for the season. I did it all Monday afternoon in between bringing Rachel home from school (after having worked in the classroom all morning) and going back to get Hannah. A friend was coming over that night to tally up our candle fundraiser and get our order, etc, and I wanted our house decorated and looking festive. So I went to town and did it! I have a friend who thinks I have issues and that I need help. LOL. When I want something down for a particular event, I have to get it done! Even if it kills me. LOL.

But here, is a glimpse of how Fall has fallen in our home....

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Ashleigh Baker said...

Love it! I have all mine out and ready, too! :)


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