Friday, August 7, 2009


It's not even been a full week of school, but I'm sure thankful it's Friday!

The first week or two are always the hardest when getting back into a new routine/schedule. I'm so glad today is Friday. I'm tired. LOL. The needing to get up and get dressed and ready and get BOTH the girls ready and hair done and then make Hannah's lunch, sitting down to breakfast and out the door by 7:35 is taking some getting used to.

I think the other reason I am tired is that I'm still recovering from not sleeping well when my neck and shoulder were a mess. Every day it's getting better and better, and I am sleeping much, much better at night. But it still wore me out. And now I'm in the midst of trying to catch up on all the things I let go when I was out of commission.

This evening we have a friends birthday. It'll be low key and relaxing around the pool with appetizers and desserts. The girls are excited about swimming in the dark. LOL. It'll be a great evening of fellowship I'm sure. A great way to end this week.

Tomorrow, we have absolutely nothing on our plate. Yippee! The church is having a day at the beach where a good majority of families are going. We're not. We're staying home and just taking it easy! Which is just fine!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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