Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pismo Vacation 2009

Like I had on my Facebook Status yesterday, "All good things must come to an end, and that includes vacation". Our big vacation for the year has come and gone and now we're home trying to adjust to the extreme heat.

Vacation this year was our family's vacation spot in Pismo Beach at the Seacrest Resort Hotel. Our family has been vacationing here for over 20 years and holds a lot of great vacation memories. Steven and I also spent a few nights of our honeymoon here in 1996.

It was going to be just us and my parents this year, as Robbie initially didn't think it would work out for them to go, but days before our departure, we found out that he had made reservations just days before and had planned on surprising us all once we were up there. So the entire family was together for vacation. It was great!Robbie and Grace and the girls, as well as my parents all arrived on Sunday. We were due to arrive on Monday. Because of the route to Central California, you either have to go through Los Angeles, or way out of your way around. We did something different this time, because we already had family up there with rooms to hang out in until we could check in to our own room at 4:00, we loaded the car the night before and left at 5:30am to get through LA before the Monday morning traffic hit, and we were successful! We surprised the family when we arrived shortly after 9:30! It was nice getting up there so early in the day, it gave us practically another whole day of enjoying the grounds and cool weather.

It wasn't too long after being there, that all the girls wanted to go in the pool. It wasn't even 11:00 and there we were enjoying our vacation already, the girls swimming, and me sitting poolside, soaking in the fresh and clean air and cool weather. We walked to Downtown for lunch and strolled through a few of the shops and walked the pier. We then walked on the beach back to our hotel. For dinner that night, we went to McClintoks. A family tradition when in Pismo, dinner was GREAT as always. Thanks Mom and Dad! When I made our reservations back in March I asked that we have a room on the same floor as my parents. It's easy that way in just sending the girls down the hall to Gramma and Papa's room. However, when we were finally able to check in, our requests were not honored and we ended up on another floor at the opposite ned of the tower. It was a huge bummer, but all in all, it worked. The hotel has recently been remodeled and updated and they did a great job.
This was the view from our balcony.
Tuesday we camped out on some tables on the patio all day long. We ate lunch out there, the kids and Dads went in the pool and some of us sat and read books, I think we played a game or two, and later in the evening we BBQ'd dinner, we were simply taking in the beauty of our surroundings and enjoying the beautiful weather. It nice and relaxing and it was much needed.Wednesday, we kinda all went separate ways in the morning. Mom, Dad, Grace, and McKenzie went on a car ride. And the rest of us headed down to the beach to make a sandcastle and play in the water. Within ten minutes of castle building, the girls were bored and left Steven and I (mostly Steven) to finish the castle. Wednesday evening, it was discovered that my brothers car would not start, and long story short, they had to have their car towed to a mechanic on Thursday, the day we were all supposed to head for home. We couldn't very well leave them behind and let them suffer all alone, so we extended our stay through Friday. My parents, however, headed for home Thursday morning.

We spent the morning all bundled up in jackets and long pants and even dawned our tennis shoes, it was so chilly. But we weren't complaining for we knew what awaited us at home. We had lunch on the patio, making due with some leftovers we had, went for an afternoon swim, and then out to dinner at a fancy smancy Italian place. Hannah and I went down to the pier shops once again and enjoyed the sunset from the pier and called Gramma and Papa and we waved to them on the webcam. Friday morning we were up and packed and ready to hit the road shortly after 9:00. Knowing it was a Friday and we had to go through Los Angeles we hit the road earlier than we had originally planned. We enjoyed one last breakfast from the hotel before pulling out of the parking lot directly behind my brother and sister in law. Our girls didn't want to leave and wanted to stay longer, they didn't realize we already had stayed longer than originally planned. It took a few minutes of tears, but soon, they were settled in for the long car ride ahead of us. When we left Pismo Beach yesterday morning, it was 60 degrees and overcast. Nice and cool. As we drove the four hours home, we watched the temperature gauge climb all the way to 102. We had heard Southern California had finally been hit with a the extreme heat and we weren't looking forward to it. Thankfully, our house was cooled off by the time we got home, thanks to my Mom and Dad coming over to turn the air conditioning on for us. That was very much appreciated.

It's always sad when vacations come and are behind us. Despite having the reservations, we weren't sure if we were going to end up making the trip this year due to a paycut a few months back (but praise the Lord it was given back two weeks ago!) and not knowing whether or not we should spend the money. But family vacations have special memories for me growing up, and we knew we'd make new memories this trip, so we went. I'm extremely grateful for the time away. And as always....hope we can go back again.

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