Monday, July 6, 2009

The Holiday Weekend

Whew! What a busy weekend, I need one more day just to rest.

Our 4th was a nice one, a very busy one, but nice. Spent time with family and friends and even took in a concert by The Riverside Blues Club at the California Speedway. They did an awesome job and looked like they were having fun.

Our church gathering was huge. A lot bigger than last year and they are figuring between 250-275 people came through throughout the afternoon. That's a lot of people to host at ones house. God bless John and Kelly for their wonderful hospitality!

Sunday morning we woke to car issues with Steven's car and had to adjust our day accordingly. Hannah had a birthday party to attend for a little girl who she's known since Kindergarten. It was a pool party, which was good for her in keeping cool, but hot for the Mama's on the sidelines.

Looking ahead to this's going to be a good, but busy, week. It's the week before we head out on vacation and I CANNOT wait to get away and relax for a few days atop the cliffs overlooking the ocean. There's laundry to be done, packing to be done, sand toys to gather, and an oil change on the car to be done. This week can't end soon enough. LOL.

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Letti said...

Sounds liek a fun Holiday for you and your family. Now you get to look forward to a week of relaxing on the beach that sounds perfect.


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