Thursday, June 25, 2009


While the calendars officially say it's 'Summer', school for our family doesn't get out until the 29th, but that's an entirely different story. A few weeks ago, I came across this fun survey like thing in regards to Summer and thought I'd fill it in with my own answers...

Things We're Looking Forward to:
* Uncle Robbie's band playing at the California Speedway on the 4th of July, at the Orange County Fair
* trips to Disneyland (DUH!)
* free movies
* family vacation to Pismo Beach
* a trip to the nearby beaches
* swimming with friends
* swimming at Uncle Robbie and Auntie's
* new Fantasmic show, summer fireworks, and Electrical Parade at Disneyland
* sleepovers

Things I DO NOT want this summer:
* Endless days of whining
* Days of excessive heat (one can wish, right?)
* Excessive crowds at Disneyland (still wishing here)
* Summer sicknesses
* The gas prices to continue going up

Things I Won't Miss This Summer:
* Driving the girls to school
* Getting up, dressed, and out the door by 7:35 every morning
* Homework!!!!

Things I Love About Summer:
* The fruits of the season - peaches, watermelons
* Long days
* Not having to stick to the routine as strictly as we would if in school

Things Different About This Summer:
* This is the last summer before both our girls will attend Elementary School!!!

Our summer break is rather short this year because of our attended school year. We have 5 weeks to squeeze summer fun into. It can be done! How about you, what does your summer calendar hold?


Letti said...

We are in the same boat as you. Well with half my kids at least. We don't really have a lot of plans except for swimming, bbq's, relaxing, beaches, and a new baby. I am taking it easy.

Darcy said...

Yeah, that baby arriving in 4 weeks will be the biggest event of the Byrd summer!


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