Friday, June 26, 2009

Explaining Michael Jackson's Death

I'm sure I wasn't the only one to have the news continually running on Thursday afternoon and into the evening as the details surrounding Michael Jackson's death began to unfold, and fans from all over began to convene at the UCLA medical center, at The Apollo in New York, and along Hollywood Blvd.

Michael Jackson was a huge musical icon when I was growing up. I had a poster of him on the back of my door at one time, I loved his music, I was a fan.

Hannah came through the family room at one point and asked who died. I had to come up with a way to portray just how big this news was, and make it relate to her world.

So I told her that this person dying would be like if Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus had died..only ten times BIGGER! This singer was famous since he was Rachel's age and known and loved all over the world. Her eyes got big and she got the idea, and then went about her business...


Letti said...

Chloe has been watching the videos he made she loves all of them.

Liz said...

Savannah's out of town w/ her friends this week. She called tonight & while we were talking, she said "oh yeah...did you hear that Michael Jackson died?". I told her that I had & asked how she heard. She said her girlfriends had told her but that she wasn't sure she'd ever heard MJ's music. I assured her that she had, but she just might not remember who sang it.

Then I followed it up with "and did you hear about Farrah Fawcett?". Her response was "who??".

Ugh.....we're getting old, Darcy. LOL

Darcy said...

Yeah, we're getting old.

The funny I made the other day about no longer needing to wait for Ed McMahon to show up on my doorstep (Publishers clearing House Sweepstakes) went RIGHT over Hannah's head. LOL.


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