Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Call Me Martha, as In Martha Stewart...

See these little beauties?? It's homemade strawberry jam!! I learned how to can your own jam on Friday evening at a Girls' club that Hannah is involved in and I couldn't wait to try it for myself.

Sunday evening after the dinner mess was all cleaned up, I made a new mess in the kitchen. The mess of making strawberry jam. I busted open a jar yesterday and had some on toast and Boy Oh Boy was it yummy!!!

The peaches are just starting to turn color on our tree and when they do, I can't wait to make some peach jam and put away!

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Joy Howse said...

Sounds yummy!!! My grandma makes THE best strawberry jam and I asked for the recipe at one point. Read through it once and decided that was a lot of work. So i reserve that yumminess for when we go and visit her (or I am lucky enough to get some sent to me in the mail). And yes, that is VERY Martha Stewart like. :)


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