Thursday, June 18, 2009

Behind the "Magic"

Last week, when we were at Disneyland for the preview of the new fireworks, we camped out in our spot for about two hours. We're old pros at this and bring extra snacks for the occasion and this time I even through in a deck of cards. I enjoy just sitting and people watching, and what better place to people watch than at Disneyland. Oh my I've had some good chuckles over the years. So to me, I don't mind sitting for a few hours for fireworks or a parade for a good seat.

We were sitting just a few feet away from a roped off area that was saved for media, etc. It had center viewing of the castle and the fireworks that would soon be shooting off overhead. For you familiar with Disneyland, the blocked off area was that right behind the Partners Statue - you know the Walt and Mickey Mouse statue.

There was this group of young teens that we kept trying to figure out who in the world they were. We knew they were 'someone' but we went through a whole lineup of who they could be before we got them right. Hannah and the little girl next to us were having so much fun trying to figure out what Disney Channel people they were. Eventually we got them right with the confirmation of Daddy using his iPhone to look up their suspected names and confirming with a picture.

Turns out they were the cast of the new Disney Channel series, Zeke and Luther, which premiered on the Disney Channel Monday night.

They soon began pointing to the sky and expressing themselves as though they were watching the fireworks. We're assuming they were taping for some sort of promotional spot on the Disney Channel for the new Summer Promotion at Disneyland. But what the funniest thing is, there were no fireworks going on at this time. It was about 30 minutes prior to the show even starting. The lighting change on their faces and shirts simply was the producer changing out the color shade of the lighting. LOL. It was hilarious to watch, kinda disappointing to know the commercial we'll perhaps see is all fake. But here's a video I took, take a look for yourself. Best people watching I've had in a long, long time. LOL.

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