Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teacher Appreciation - at The Elementary School

Monday kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week at Hannah's School. The coordinator for this event is amazing. She comes up with a theme and incorporates it throughout the week. This years them is "Teachers and Staff at :::insert school name::: ROCK!".

Everyday the teachers will get some sort of a treat associated with the theme. There will be a breakfast and a luncheon on different days next week. And the efforts will be great to let the teachers and staff know how much they are appreciated.

Then there is the classroom acknowledgment and celebration of letting our teacher know she's appreciated. The PTA gives the Room Mom a list of their teacher's favorite things and we can use that information as we want. For the last three years of being the Room Mom, I've done something different each day, this year is no different. The following is how I mapped out for our classroom to acknowledge Teacher Appreciation Week:

Monday: Flower Day
Roses are Mrs. Tatman’s favorite flower. Do you have any growing in your yard? Or how about a hand drawn one from your 3rd grader.

Tuesday: Sweets Day
Mrs. Tatman isn’t a big fan of coffee or hot tea, but she loves hot chocolate. And she loves chocolate candy. Let’s show our sweet teacher how much we appreciate her by bringing in her favorite sweets!

Wednesday: Homemade Cards and Pictures Day
Let’s tell Mrs. Tatman how much we think she ROCKS by showering her with homemade cards and pictures!

Thursday: Restock the Class Store Day
One of the things Mrs. Tatman expressed a need for on her list of favorites, are items for the classroom store. Fun and simple things can always be picked up at The Dollar Tree or the .99 Cent Store. Does your 3rd grader have an idea of what they’d like to see in the classroom store? If so, bring it in and lets stock the store!

Friday: Gift Card Day
Some of Mrs. Tatman’s favorite places to frequent are Target, Kohls, Miguel’s Jr, Claim Jumper, and Chile’s. How wonderful would it be if we could send her out on a nice meal or a little shopping spree compliments of her 3rd graders and their families. Even if everyone only gave $1, it’d still be a nice gift card. If you would like to contribute towards a gift card(s), please get me your donations ASAP. I’ve attached an envelope with my name on it, if you would like to put your donation in it and have your student place it into the plastic container in the classroom with my name on it, I will see about collecting from that every day. Please write your students name on the envelope.

Of course, participation in any of the activities is voluntary. I try to come up with very simple ways we can express our appreciation that hopefully makes it easy for everyone to participate one or two of the days. Years past, I've always been dealing with the same 18-20 families. But since being split up this school year, I'm not sure what to expect out of the families in our class. So far, I have only had one family send any thing my way towards that gift card on Friday. I'm hoping that the other days will have participation and that it'll be a great celebration for our teacher on the classroom level.

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