Friday, May 15, 2009

My Kids are Growing Up

Last night, we attended our last Preschool Open House. It was a bittersweet. Our girls are growing up.We discovered this preschool in 2003 when our friends had a kid enrolled there. It is the last of the 'traditional preschools' in our area. There is no day care. There isn't extended care into the evening. No babies. It's exactly what the name says pre-school. They learn through play and hands on and developmentally appropriate activities.

Within the first week of Hannah attending, we knew that at that time, homeschooling wasn't for us (I had planned on homeschooling up to that point). Hannah attended two years there. Rachel was born at the start of her second year and was placed on the waiting list for the 2007-2008 school year.

In the last two years, because I didn't have any other children at home, I've been really involved. I've subbed at the school. I've helped in the classroom, I go on the field trips. I've been there a lot, especially this year. I've gotten to know all the teachers really well, and I've even been offered a job for next year.

This preschool has been a great place for both of my girls. It's stretched them. They've learned social skills, fine motor skills, along with a lot of other things and still had tremendous amounts of fun. While it's exciting to be moving on to new things, let alone have both the girls at the same school and cut down on my driving from one town to the next, LOL, we'll most definitely miss F*MPS and the place it's served in our children's lives.


Letti said...

What great memories you have there. It sounds like they really like you tehre too. It is so sad to see our kids getting older.

Joy Howse said...

So sad but exciting to see the kids growing up. So, are you going to take the job there?

Darcy said...

No. Not taking the job there. Next year, both the girls will finally be at the same school. I'm looking forward to that and being able to help out in their classrooms, etc.

If the time comes that I need to go back to work, I actually am a licensed vocational nurse and would make more money going back to work as a nurse than I would at the preschool.


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