Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home. But Ready to Go Back.

So we're home. We arrived home mid afternoon yesterday and within half an hour of being home, the car was unloaded, camping gear was completely put away, the laundry was started, and baths for the girls were in the works. I love the fact that our camping stuff is so organized that we literally just throw it all back onto the shelves into the garage when our trip is over.

As always, we had a great time. Anytime that we can get away from our normal day to day tasks it always great, but it's even better when you're able to spend a few days away with family, and in this weekend's case, we were with church family.

There were five families camped on two spots right next to each other. They are the 'regular' spots that reservations are typically sought after for. The sites are huge and kinda secluded a bit with the shrubs and brush along the sides. The sites are also right across from the restrooms and showers which is really nice, especially for those middle of the night trips to the restroom. :)

The weather was great. The mornings started out overcast, much like today in the Inland Empire. But by 9:00, the sun was brightly shinning and stayed that way for the remainder of the day.

Our days were spent relaxing, midday trips down to the beach, lots of game playing, and lots of just sitting and fellow shipping with friends, oh and lots of great food! There is never a lack for good food or good snacks when you're camping with the church friends!

So this morning, the last of the laundry in the form of beach towels and blankets are being done. And clean clothes are being put away. And wishing we were going back again soon!

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Letti said...

That does sound nice. You guys are very organized I bet it feels good to almost have everything done.


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