Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Morning Ramblings

* I saw my dentist on Tuesday for the tooth that's been giving me problems. After consulting with her in office colleague, they decided that perhaps a root canal will solve my problems. Oh joy. Anyone who has been following my blog for a great length of time knows my anxieties over going to the dentist. Although I will admit, they are lessening with this new dentist. I was able to move my appointment from the 28th to the 22nd. At this point, I just want my tooth feeling better and my mouth to stop hurting and to be able to chew on the left side of my mouth.

* Steven was able to take this morning off from work and is accompanying Hannah on her school field trip to the local planetarium. His name was picked out of the hat to join the class on the school bus. Although, sadly, I think there were only a couple of parents able/interested in accompanying the class. Hannah is so excited for Daddy to be going on a field trip with her. They both love science and this was a perfect trip for Daddy to go on. We wanted one of us to accompany her to see what it is they will teach the kids about the origins of the planets, etc. If they teach the kids something we don't agree with, then we can correct it to Hannah on the spot, and remind her who ultimately made the heavens and the stars...God did! (Genesis 1:1)

* Rachel, Gramma, and myself will be going on our own field trip this the grocery store and to Costco! Sounds like way more fun than planets and stars, doesn't it?? LOL. Easter is just a few days away, so not only do we need ALL the holiday meal fixings, we need the rest of the weeks groceries as well. We're hoping that by going a day earlier, it won't be as busy as on Friday.

* Hannah's birthday is next week. She's going to be nine. NINE! Her birthday falls on Wednesday and once she's picked up from school, we'll be making a trip to Disneyland to claim her "Fun Card" in the amount of $59! She's already meandered through the shops and got an idea of some things she'd like to buy. She's having a Hannah Montana birthday party the following Saturday. Nothing big and a lot of work, simple and fun, and a good excuse to have friends come over that she doesn't get to always play with at school, etc.

* The new Hannah Montana movie comes out tomorrow and it looks good! We already have our tickets for Saturday morning!

* My brother and his family are camping at the campground on the beach that we love to camp at. We'd be there too if Hannah didn't have school this week. With her being on a modified traditional school year schedule and my nieces on regular traditional, their Spring breaks weren't the same time. I really need a vacation. LOL

Enough rambling for this morning...I've got to finish getting Rachel dressed and get on our way for our 'big day'!

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