Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Side Dishes

I'm the type of cook that when I make dinner, there is the main dish and then sides that accompany the dinner.

The meal HAS to have two side dishes, one is usually a veggie, and the other is usually potatoes (mashed, roasted) or brown rice.

I'm making out my menu for the next two weeks in anticipation of getting groceries tomorrow. I need side dish ideas...I'm tired of the same ole, same ole.

Help a girl out...please. What are some sides you cook for your family?


Liz said...

You're more ambitious than me. We only have 1 side usually. Unless I make spaghetti, in which case we have garlic bread & salad w/ it. It kinda depends on the food as to what "goes" with it. Email me w/ the main dishes & I'll tell ya what I'd put w/ them.

Joy Howse said...

Sorry no suggestions here. My brain can't even think to cook for myself these days. Hope you get some good ones.


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