Thursday, April 2, 2009

Series Finale

After fifteen seasons, and 331 episodes, the doors of the ER will close for good tonight.

This is a television series I have actually watched every single year of, in it's prime time spot, as well as in syndication on cable channels. I've seen a lot of characters come and go through the years! And it's been great to see a lot of the old time favorite characters make a reappearance in this final season.

Anyone going to be sad to see the doors of the ER close this evening??

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Liz said...

You know, Larry & I stopped watching it religiously several years ago, so you'll have to email me w/ the run down of what happened & how they ended it. The last season we watched was when Carter & his wife from the trip to Africa had the baby who died...and Neela & Michael were together while he was deployed...I can't remember what else was going on. So fill me in since then...