Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Not Good at Waiting...

I went to the school district in which the girls are supposed to belong to this morning. Today was the beginning of the the transfer window. I have been anxiously awaiting this day to find out if the school district was going to honor the inter-district renewal for Hannah, and a new one for Rachel for the 2009-2010 school year.

But thanks to the budget cuts that our lovely governor made to the department of education, a new budget has not yet been decided on for our local school district and they are still trying to decide if they can afford for students to transfer out of the school district. The bottom line is they are not yet releasing students.

I was expecting to go to the school district this morning and get a "yes" or "no" answer. I never thought I'd get a "not yet". Therefore, I am frustrated. LOL.

I talked to the director of Enrollment Services, nice gentleman. He said he has enough inter-district transfers on his desk that would take a million dollars out of the school districts pocket. But he did say, if he had to guess, he'd guess they will end up releasing students. We just have to wait and be patient.

The transfer window for our current school district closes on Wednesday. Which was a concern of mine as to whether or not they will accept inter-district transfers late, seeing how the district isn't releasing. I called and they will accept them until the end of the school year, after that, they can't promise a space would be left for them.

I KNOW that no matter what, if the girls are denied a transfer out of the district in which we live, that the Lord has a plan for their schooling. He may want them out of the school that they are at for some unknown reasons. He may want them closer to home. I am so very thankful that since Hannah started school four years ago, that a new elementary school opened up right around the corner. It HAS to be an improvement over the one that she was originally supposed to go to when she started Kindergarten.

No matter where Rachel starts school, it'll be new for her. It'd be a new experience for her if she went to Hannah's school, and it'd be a new experience if she starts school around the corner. I'm not worried about Rachel. But for Hannah, it would mean leaving the school that she's become a part of for the last four years. The friends she's made. And the friends I've made as a result of being at that school. LOL. I know she'd adjust, but it would make me sad for a while. And it sure would be an adjustment of the girls going to school right around the corner!!

Out of curiosity, I called the school around the corner and asked if they had half day or full day Kindergarten. Their kindergarten is full day! I was used to the idea of Rachel being gone every day to school, but it's only half day where Hannah goes. All of a sudden the idea of our baby going to Kindergarten ALL DAY makes me kinda sad. I can't even begin to imagine how quiet the house would be everyday, all day long. Or what I'd do everyday...

...but I'm sure I'd adjust!! LOL.

For now, I have to call the school district weekly to see if the status has changed. And once I know, I can plan accordingly for the new school year that seems to quickly be approaching.

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