Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Tournament Day

Hannah has a Karate Tournament today.

I hate tournament days.

Okay, I don't hate tournament days, I highly dislike them. They are stressful and full of anxiety, and I'm not talking about for Hannah, for me. LOL. (Although, yes, Hannah does get nervous on tournament days).

Any mother who has children in any type of sports knows what I'm talking about. As a mother, you want to see your child succeed, and do well. On tournament days I only want to see Hannah do well, even if it's 4th place, so that she'll get a 'good' trophy and not one of the compensation competition trophies. She's at the age now where she realizes 5th place is not so hot.

But the older she gets, and the higher belt she earns, the less kids there are to compete against. At her last tournament in December, there were only four kids in her age/belt level. We knew before the competition even started she'd place, it was just a matter of where.

I definitely think Team sports has an advantage. They loose and win as a team. When you compete individually, which is what Hannah does, you loose and win as an individual, and that can be tough. But I also think it may have taught Hannah some things along the way the last three years.

Pictures and Update will be posted later tonight on Hannah's Blog.


Joy Howse said...

That would be very nerve racking. I pray she does a good job and look forward to seeing pictures later.

Darcy said...

Thanks Joy!


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