Friday, March 6, 2009

Going Off Track

I don't think there was ever a time more anticipated for Hannah going off track than this trimester. As of 2:15 this afternoon, Hannah will be off track for four weeks! And I'm counting down!

The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy, not to mention the stress and anxieties of her performance, that I'm so ready to have a break from getting up, dressed, and out the door every morning by 7:35. Rachel will still have school her normal two days a week, but she doesn't have to be there until 9:00.

I'm not sure what things will do while off track. We were looking for something fun and vacation-like to do as a family, but this last week found Steven's company doing layoffs and paycuts. While Steven still has a job, he did take a pay cut, and they've discontinued expense reimbursements (his company paid for his phone service and our internet connection). So we won't be doing anything BIG this time we're off track. We have our Disneyland passes and lots of different friends and family we can make trips with. There's also the 'old fashioned' fun of meeting friends at the park with packed lunches. LOL. At any rate, I'm just looking forward to less hectic mornings.


Letti said...

I hear ya. I am so ready for them to be off track too. I love it when my kids are home rather than at school. Not enough to home school though.

Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear about the pay cut. I'll be praying he gets to keep his job!

Ed's company had 135 people a year ago and they are down to less than 50 now! He's been reassured he will be around unless they have to close their doors, but just about everyone we know has taken pay cuts or lost jobs. Interesting times to be sure!

Joy Howse said...

I remember all too well the anticipation of off-track time, but mine was so I could get away from my students and spend more time with Andrew. Maybe we could be one of those 'old fashioned' park dates.... i know that Alexis would love that, as would I. Enjoy your sleeping in and family time. I will keep Steve's job in my prayers. Things are just so crazy right now. F.R.O.G - Fully Rely On God. :) Have a blessed weekend and I can't wait to hear how the performance went.


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