Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eggs and Stucco - Don't Go Well Together

Monday morning, as I opened the doors to cable company workers informing us of some work to be done in the neighborhood, I noticed the wall to our front door had been egged. What a mess that was. I scrubbed with a scrub brush and soap and to much prevail, it did not work. I emailed a friend from church who owns a pressure washing business to see what he recommended and he offered to come over on Wednesday afternoon to take care of it with some pressure washing.

Tuesday morning as I pulled out of the garage to take the girls to school, there was a whole egg in the yard, as well as another broken one. But there was no egg on the house. My first thought was save the whole egg, it can be dusted for prints! Yes, a little too much CSI watching going on in our home. LOL.

Wednesday morning we were good. But sometime between me opening the front window blinds and about 3:00 in the afternoon, we got egged again! This time it was the window. Thankfully I noticed it about ten minutes before our friend arrived to pressure wash the already known egged area.

It took some work, but the egged areas all came clean. I've alerted some of the neighbors as well as the neighbor who is an LAPD officer. He suggested we file a vandalism report with the police, but I think for now, we'll hope and pray our egger goes away! We woke up 'egg free' this morning. Here's hoping we continue waking up to no eggs on the house.


Kim said...

What a mess and shame! How nice of your friend to do that for you.

It's been so long since I've seen a stucco house I almost forgot they exist. :D

Joy Howse said...

UGH!! How frustrating. I remember when I was a kid that some neighborhood kids egged our car. That stuff never came off 100% and each time i looked at the back of the car it would make me frustrated. Hoping for many more egg free days.

Liz said...

Oh man!!! What a mess! Luckily egging doesn't happen too often around here. The kids just wrap our house/trees/cars/etc with toilet paper.

Darcy said...

I would much rather have toilet paper. LOL


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