Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Overwhelming Day

It's no secret, I don't like going to the dentist. Although in recent weeks, I am becoming more open to going, some of my anxieties are lessening.

Rachel was supposed to have her dental appointment last week, but I had to cancel it because she had a nonstop cough that I couldn't get under control with any sort of prescription or over-the-counter remedy. So it got rescheduled for today. I already had an afternoon appointment scheduled for Hannah. I never came home between appointments. I ran errands and got things done I needed/wanted to get done. It was a busy day to say the least.

Full reports on how Hannah and Rachel's appointments went can be found on their own blogs.

But I can't tell you how overwhelmed and anxious I am this evening for my girls' future with dentists and orthodontics, etc. Perhaps it's because I am so sensitive to going to the dentist. I don't like going. And I hate to see that my girls have long roads ahead of them in the very area I detest. LOL.

Like I said on Rachel's blog, sometimes you 'forget' she was born with a birth defect. The lip has been repaired, the palate has been repaired. But seeing that Xray today of her teeth, caused my eyes to well up in tears. Our little girl has quite the road ahead of her as far as dental and ortho care. My new prayer for her is that she won't develop a dislike for going to the dentist, like her mother. It's all fixable. But it's going to take a lot of work.

Then came Hannah's appointment. I fully expected her to have cavities. But instead of having cavities, she's just lacking permanent teeth! The feeling of being overwhelmed intensified a bit with that discussion. But again, it's all fixable and able to be worked out. She left the appointment saying it was 'fun', so that was good. I hope she'll continue to think that for a long time to come. And something tells me if we keep going to a place where they show Disney movies in the ceiling and let you pick from the treasure box, she'll go on thinking the dentist is fun. LOL.

"Be anxious for nothing,
but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."
Phillippians 4:6


Joy Howse said...

Phil 4:6 is my mantra when in the dentist seat. Well I have a dental appointment next Thurs at Loma Linda. That is unless I get chicken and back out. Need courage.

Darcy said...

Before our current dentist, I took the girls to the Pediatric clinic there at Loma Linda. They were always nice and friendly. Our insurance just didn't cover them completely.

I hope and pray all goes well for visit.

Ask them, maybe they can get Alexis in for her dental work at a cheap rate.


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