Thursday, January 8, 2009


I hate earthquakes. I hate them. Hate them. Hate them. Just ask anyone in my immediate family.

Growing up, I would literally freak out when we had big ones, I would get terribly upset and it'd be hard to calm down. I've gotten better over the years, but rather than burst out outwardly, I inwardly freak out, so as not to freak out my children.

Tonight, at 7:49, we experienced a pretty big one. It was 'only' 5.0. But it was strong, and it felt long. Me and the girls were home alone when it happened, it was scarey.

Things fell out of cupboards.

Off the walls.

It took a long while to calm the girls down, all the while trying to hold it together myself. I was scared. Thankfully my Mom remembers how freaked out I get and she looks out for me and called to see if me and the girls were okay.

Hannah asked who made Jesus mad. Which thinking about it, what an awesome question from an eight year old. LOL. I explained to her it's the earth shifting, etc, etc. She finally went to sleep, but after a lot of questions and lots of hugs and reassurance. I told her there could be aftershocks and that Jesus would keep us safe. She seemed good with those answers.

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Liz said...

You know, when we were there in '07, there was a teeny tiny earthquake. It was so teeny tiny that our whole family slept through it. Apparently it "hit" about 6am. Friends of ours from Texas called us, waking us up (!!) to check & make sure we were ok. So I guess there is a whole spectrum of how strong they are, huh?

Having the house shake would scare me to death, too!


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