Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Trip to the Snow!

We went to Steven's mom's house today to play in the snow. She got about six inches as a result of one of the storms that hit Southern California this week. It's unusual for her to get so much snow, so we took advantage of the free Saturday afternoon and went and played! The drive up to the high desert was absolutely beautiful. The white snow that blanketed all of the high desert actually made the usual ugly desert attractive. It's too bad the snow doesn't happen more often. On our drive through the 'back way', we saw a lot of houses with icicles formed on the eaves of houses. Some pretty big ones. We made a snow man in Gramie's backyard and after pictures of the 'normal' snowman. I felt he needed Mickey Ears. LOL. So I gave him Mickey Ears. They're a little too small, and the snowman kinda looks more a like a bear than a Snowman Mickey, but I knew how it was supposed to look. :)It was a fun afternoon. When we got in our car to head for home, the thermometer in the car said 34. At one point on the way home it said 28. And to think I've been complaining about being cold this week when it was so blazing warm in the 50's!!!

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Carolyn said...

The pic of all of you with the snowman is a perfect Christmas Card!!!


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