Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Saddest Movie...EVER!

CAUTION!! CAUTION!! CAUTION!! This post contains Movie Spoilers about a new film that came out on Christmas Day.

Sadder than Steel Magnolias when Mama goes off in the cemetery following her daughters burial service.

Sadder than Beaches, when CC looses her best friend to heart disease and "Wind Beneath My Wings" starts playing.

Sadder than when Kate loosens the grip of Jack's hand and lets him sink to the ocean floor.

I'm talking about the new movie, Marley and Me.

My mom and I had talked last week about going and seeing it. And then decided not to see it. The dog ends up dying in the movie and it was going to hit WAY TOO close to home for us. We were especially concerned for Hannah because she had been so close to Wendy and took her death pretty hard. But we told her the dog ultimately dies and she decided she could do it. And then all of a sudden this morning, we decided to just do it, and try to make it to the 10:30 showing.

It was a good movie. The dog looked just like the dog my parents had, Wendy. The movie is a story of a newlywed couple who get a dog. Then start having kids. How the dog is so rambunctious and neurotic. Ultimately how the dog is a member of the family. And then, towards the end of the movie, the dog is getting older, and develops a complication, and despite the Veternarian trying to do her best, it's evident it's time to put him to sleep. The family says goodbye, the kids are crying, the Mom is crying. The scenes following are of of the doctor administering the medicine to put the dog down, the scene ending with the dog closing his eyes.

I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the theater.

The story was was to close to the same story of my parents dog that had to be put down 18 months ago. Looked like Wendy. Acted like Wendy. My mom and I both left emotionally drained and even now are still tired from the emotions of the movie. It was a good movie, but a very sad, sad ending.

So if you still decide to go and see it, even after my spoiler, be sure to take Kleenex. And lots of it!

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Liz said...

Yeah, Savannah's read the book & still wants to see it...so I'm sure we will see it at some point. But I'm glad to know how it ends anyway. That'll give me time to prepare the other 2 kids!


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