Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Thursday

This week has been a very busy one for me to say the least. And today was to be my busiest.

I dropped Hannah off at school and from there went straight to the preschool. I was subbing for my sister-in-law, as the snack lady today, so she could attend my nieces Kindergarten Christmas program. So my morning was spent helping out with odds and ends with 5 class Christmas parties, snack for one class who's party is tomorrow, and doing playground duty out in the freezing cold, or what felt like freezing cold. After preschool, Rachel and I rushed home to feed her lunch, throw all the makings for stew into my Dutch Oven and into the oven for dinner, and make a treat for Hannah's class tomorrow. After only an hour at home to do all that, it was back to Hannah's school to help the class make gingerbread houses. After school, my busyness just kept going with tying up loose ends for Hannah's final day of school and a major kitchen clean up! In the midst of all the craziness, I got a call from my friend, Amy...

Her Air 1 contact gave her tickets to tonight's Micheal W. Smith Christmas Tour Concert featuring Melinda Doolittle and she wanted me to with her.

To be honest, my first response was I was that I was too tired and I was very much looking forward to the evening home, all alone, as Steven and the girls were heading out Christmas shopping for me. But on the other hand, what a festive night. And to get to see Melinda Doolittle! Wow!

So I called Amy and said I was in.

Because we were with Air 1, our tickets included a 'Meet and Greet', or so we were told/thought. Instead we got to take part of a special answer/question reception with Micheal W. Smith. That was pretty exciting to listen to his answers, stories, and how it is he'd come to be very good friends with The Bush's.The concert was great, all Christmas songs, except for one. Micheal was accompanied by a full orchestra and that was amazing. I love hearing orchestras play live. Melinda Doolittle was even more amazing to see and hear in person as she was when she was a finalist on American Idol.After the concert, we got to meet Melinda Doolittle in the foyer of the church. Beautiful and very gracious woman. It was very exciting to get to meet her, for me personally, meeting her was better than if I'd gotten to meet MWS. It was a fun evening. A festive evening with lots of great Christmas songs and Christmas worship. And I'm glad I put my tiredness aside and went!

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