Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Gifts of the Season

We gave our first Christmas presents today. I sent the girls to school today with their teachers gifts.

A few months back I found some really nice Yankee Candle Pine Scent candles and I wanted to give them to the teachers now so that they can enjoy the candle through the season. Rachel's teacher was so appreciative because she has an artificial tree and misses the smell of pine. A perfect gift!

I'm also hoping to have the girls give their Sunday School teachers their little gifts next weekend.

Do you do gifts for your kids' teachers and/or Sunday School teachers?? If so, what are you doing this year for them?


Kim said...

Yeah, I do give the kid's Sunday school teachers something small. This year it's a small book about Christ.

I don't give their school teacher anything because she really has trouble controlling the kids somtimes, and that annoys me. ;)

Darcy said...



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