Friday, December 5, 2008

The Falling Price of Gas

It's amazing to see the price of gas going down so quickly!

I've been driving Steven's PT Cruiser the last week, as my van is having issues and is finally at our mechanic as of yesterday. I filled up his gas tank for $22.00!! I got gas for $1.75 a gallon. This morning as I drove past the same gas station, it was down to $1.69!

It's amazing to me to see the price of gas literally drop in a matter of hours. Sometimes the price of gas at the four gas stations I pass on my route back and forth to Hannah's school changes in just a matter of the hours of the school day! I read recently on Dudge that the price of gas may be as low as a dollar next year! And to think just 6 months ago, gas was just cents away from $5 a gallon!!!


Liz said...

I know...isn't it awesome!? The station I usually go to has it for 1.64/gal right now!

Kim said...

I've been meaning to do a post about it too. We need to get gas today, so it will be interesting to see what it is. Last time I looked, it was $1.75, but that was days ago! :D

Ashleigh Baker said...

I KNOW!! It's crazy. At the worst of the price spike last summer (at or about $5) it cost us around $100to fill up. Now we're filling up for $40. WoooooHOOO!! :D


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