Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Weekend

Ahhh, the weekend is practically upon us. And what a great weekend it's forecasted to be!

I just got home from taking the girls up to Steven's mom's house for the weekend, she will bring them home on Sunday. Steven officially starts vacation as of 5:00 and will be off tomorrow, as well as all of next week, returning to work on his birthday, December 1.

Saturday afternoon is the day we will see Wicked in Hollywood. But before then, we have all of Friday and Saturday morning to explore Los Angeles/Hollywood, because we are spending Friday night in a hotel! While we've had many nights and weekends where the girls have been away, this is the first time Steven and I will be spending the night away since we celebrated our 10 year anniversary over 2 1/2 years ago! I'm really looking forward to it.


Carolyn said...

As you know, I love all things Wicked, and am excited that you get to see the show! The original LA cast is back until the end of the run, so you get to see Megan Hilty and Eden Espinosa!!!!! I know it may seem irrelevant,but in the Wicked world, it's HUGE!!!!! LOL. We are all going again the day after Thanksgiving, and looking forward to it already ~ Have fun!!!

Liz said...

Shoot. I read this yesterday & then forgot about it. Forgive me question on facebook. Hope you're having fun!!


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