Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

Every Christmas, I try to make some sort of an ornament or have the girls make an ornament to hang on the tree. Doing so not only gives me a new ornament on the tree every year, but it also gives me an ornament to put into the girls' Christmas shoeboxes, which already has quite the collection of homemade ornaments for their own Christmas trees someday.

Growing up, my Mom hosted an ornament party the first Monday night of every December. I remember some years my Dad would take me and my brother out, where, I can't remember, but what I remember was coming home and looking through the ornaments my Mom had received. Some of the ornaments were breathtaking.

When Hannah was a baby, I participated in an ornament party with friends, and I did it for a few years, but over time, the night of the party always fell on a day I couldn't make it, and it had gotten away from ornaments, and more and more people were doing Christmas 'crafts'. So I opted out of that group.

Early in October, I was asked by one of the ladies at the church to become part of her yearly Christmas ornament exchange. Not only was I excited about the possibility of getting some new homemade ornaments, but also excited about the other women whom she's invited to have be a part of the exchange as well. I think judging on who's she's invited, we're going to have some great ornaments this year!

I finished my ornaments the end of last week. Yea Me! They are done and in a basket and ready to go, and the party isn't even until December 7th. I spotted these in a catalog a few years ago and have been wanting to make them, but just haven't. Once I was invited to the ornament exchange, I knew that these were the ornaments I wanted to make! I love the traditional red and green colors of Christmas and this ornament uses just those colors. I can't wait to see what others have made!

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