Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is the Day

Today is the day. The day we as a country will elect a new president. The day we as Californians will decide if marriage will remain defined the way Christ had designed it.

No matter who is elected as our next president. No matter what the outcome. God is ultimately in control!

Praying for peace and safety for everyone on this day.


Kim said...

I am praying for Prop 8 for you all...ultimately, it will end up affecting all of us since California is such an influential state.

Since I always vote, do I always get to complain? LOL. Like you said, God is in control. So come what may, I have peace!

Darcy said...

Yes Kim, since you voted, you can complain away if the person elected is not who you/we voted for. LOL.

Prop 8 is definitely one to be watching and praying over today.

The other important one we voted on is Prop 4 whereas a parent must be informed before an abortion is performed on their child.

Kim said...

Isn't incomprehensible that you/we actually have to have a law for that? Blows my mind that some people want minors to be able to make this "choice" apart from their parents knowing and/or agreeing. There is no way that is in the best interests of any child.

I'll pray for that one as well!


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