Thursday, November 27, 2008


The dressing is made and in the crockpot, the turkey is in the oven, and now we just wait for the next few hours until crunch time. When the feast everyone has been awaiting will come together and on the table, all still hot, I hope. LOL.

The free moment gives me some time to sit and write. After reading what Ashleigh so beautifully shared on her blog, I thought I'd 'borrow' it to share.

"How does one choose to tell the things for which she is most thankful?

Do I say I'm thankful for my life? For my salvation? For my family? For a comfortable existence? For the food we eat, the home we live in?

Because to start to make my "This year I'm thankful for..." list can at times seem so trite. So... forced.

I don't deserve a single one of these things. Not one. Not my life, not salvation. Not a wonderful loving husband and precious, healthy little ones. Certainly not being born in a wealthy nation where a real, true, life-and-death need is virtually unheard of in my life.

So to say thank you seems so trivial. Not enough. Like a drop of water on the parched ground of the Sahara.

Unless, of course, the words continue.

Thank You, my Heavenly Father.

You, who sees fit to give us more than we deserve. Who pours out blessings on our lives, more than we could imagine. You hold each of us in your loving hands, caring and loving on such a personal, intimate level... its simply unfathomable. You have, in Your sovereignty, placed each of us in a certain spot on this earth. Some have less... much, much less. And some have plenty. You give us the ability to pour out Your love on the ones who have less, and to show Your love to the ones who have so much that they can't see You through their "plenty."

Thank You, my Heavenly Father.

You give strength when we are weak. You show us Yourself more fully when we are so low we can't see anything but You. You are complete, and You in us makes us whole. You protect, You encourage, You guide, You comfort. You turn our mourning into dancing. Where a heart has been hurting, you give balm. You calm troubled spirits and give hope.

Thank You, my Heavenly Father.

You give us joyful, happy days. Time... moments... to fill with Your praise. The laughter of a little one, an unexpected blessing, a sunny sky or a welcome rain. Hearts restored, hope renewed. You give us rest.

Thank You, my Heavenly Father.

You give us a lifetime, Lord. Days to walk with You. You give us salvation, You promise Your omnipresence, You fill our hearts with gladness in the happy days and draw us nearer during the hardships. You are all in all.

You are God.

And for that, above all else, we are thankful."
" Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful to him, and bless his name.

Psalm 100:4

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