Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After Thanksgiving

Well, the big day has come and gone and here in our house, we're moving on to the next major holiday, Christmas! Steven is working on putting up our Christmas tree as I write this post. It's hard to believe it's that time of the year again.

We have a few different places to be this evening, so the tree and the rest of the house will be transformed into Christmas over the course of the next day or two. All my Fall decorations were down within half an hour after our guests left last night and are now sitting on the dinning room table waiting to be packed away for next year.

Our Thanksgiving was a nice one. I unfortunately was suffering from a migraine all day long, but I endured and worked through it and the day went on and our meal turned out great! The company corn I made is definitely a KEEPER recipe! It was so yummy and it even looked pretty. The new brining recipe I used this year was also a keeper. Alton Brown's recipe was definitely a lot better than the jarred stuff I bought last year at Williams and Sonoma. Leftovers were sent home with my parents, as well as with my Uncle, and yet, our refrigerator is still overflowing today. The leftover turkey made for yummy sandwiches for lunch with a little bit of cranberry sauce and mayo on a fresh roll. Tomorrow night we'll have turkey enchiladas.

This morning, my mom and I got up and did some Black Friday shopping. Years past, we've gotten out earlier than we did today, but neither one of us were up to getting out early and frankly, there were not any things in the sales ads that jumped off the pages that would warrant us getting out an earlier. So we left around 7:30 and went to the mall, and to Target. That's it. We managed to get some Christmas shopping down as well as finding some non Christmas present deals. I found the cutest matching plaid flannel jammies for the girls that will make a cute Christmas picture in front of the Christmas tree. I can't wait to have a mini photo shoot with them.

This evening we have a going away party for a friend from church who is being deployed with the National Guard to Kosovo for the next nine months. We'll be making an appearance at that and then going to see my brother's band play on the main stage at the local outdoor mall. It's a big opportunity for them and it'll be fun to see them on such a big stage. It'll be fun to see friends and family as well.

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Joy Howse said...

Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving. Sorry you had a migraine. I have had a few of those that have ruined family occasions. We are having our thanksgiving tomorrow so I am looking forward to some yummy turkey (and the left over sandwiches). Hope you have/had a wonderful evening.


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