Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Weekend...

It's a three day weekend for Hannah, Friday is an inservice day for the teachers. Three cheers for inservice days! LOL

We are taking advantage of the extra day off and are heading out camping at the beach with our church friends, most of the same friends that went when we went in July with a few more families. This time there are eight families going camping and we have four campsites, unfortunately they aren't all together, but we'll have a great time nonetheless!

Would you please be praying for my tooth. LOL. I had problems with it about a month ago, and today it started hurting again all of a sudden. Last time it hurt REALLY bad for days. I sure don't want to have to be in pain the entire weekend. Thanks!


Liz said...

Wait--is this the place that had the great "train alarm clock" that went through & drove y'all crazy?

Darcy said...

Yes, this is the place. The train isn't bad enough to keep us away. LOL. And on the weekends, the trains run less. :)