Friday, October 10, 2008

The Dentist

I hate going to the dentist. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I personally would rather visit the OB/GYN twice a year than go to the dentist twice a year and I am so not kidding.

So I have this tooth ache. It's constant. I know somethings wrong and I have to go to the dentist.

For the last twelve years, I've gone to the dentist I always saw growing up, however, he isn't covered on our insurance, so we've always paid extra for me to see him. And with my fear of 'the dentist' I was always willing to pay the extra to see someone whom I knew was gentle, wouldn't hurt me, etc. But the time has come to go to someone who is covered on our insurance. Paying the extra money just isn't a good steward of our money and a waste of our dental insurance.

The dentist on Rachel's craniofacial team had recommended someone outside of Loma Linda for the girls to see, so I called her office this morning in hopes she took adults, she doesn't. But her husband is a dentist and she highly recommends him, go figure. I didn't call and make an appointment though, I'm too scared to. LOL. Did I mention I hate the dentist??

We're suppose to leaving in a few hours to head out for the weekend camping. Please, please be praying the pain I am having goes away and it's not a constant, gnawing pain, and I can enjoy the weekend.


Liz said...

Oh honey...I'm sorry to hear that you have such fear & anxiety over going to the dentist. Did you have a particularly scary/painful experience as a kid? I mean, can you figure out what started this?

It's hard for me to understand when people say they hate the dentist b/c my mom was a dental assistant my whole life so I always hung out at the dentist's office on the days I was sick & had to stay home. She'd park me in the office kitchen or an unused exam room all day to hang out & read books & nap, so the dentist has never been a big deal for me.


Paige Garner said...

I'm sorry your tooth is hurting! Teeth have such a way of hurting down to the core - ugh! I'm praying for you and hope you have a great time this weekend!


Darcy said...

I don't know what caused the anxiety of going to the dentist. I've never had a particularly bad or horrible experience. I have two reoccurring nightmares one involves my teeth, the other, elevators. LOL.


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