Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not Like I Had Planned

So today didn't turn out like I had planned, with picking up the new Karen Kingsbury book and having five kid free hours this morning. Having time to read, perhaps dragging out my Fall decorations, etc.

Once I arrived to preschool this morning, they needed me to substitute. I was SO bummed. I could have said I couldn't, but truthfully, I didn't have anything pressing to do. LOL. So it was a busy morning, supervising on the playgrounds and accompanying some of the classes on their "hikes" around the preschool/church grounds. Rachel already had her heart set on staying for lunch and had her lunch packed so she stayed and I ran a couple errands until it was time to pick her up at 2:00 and then hightailed it to the other end of town to pick up Hannah at 2:15. And then it was home to do our afternoon routine of homework, dinner preparations, etc, etc.

In other news, today marks my Dad's 40th anniversary with the company he works for. How awesome it that!?!?! He and my mom had a big celebratory dinner with the company in June, but today is his actual anniversary date. Forty years is very impressive and not many people can say they've been with the same company that long! Congrats Dad!

I will no longer get paid when I work at the preschool. Instead, what I would have earned in monetary value will now be applied to Rachel's tuition! So I'll get the full value and no taxes will be taken out! Yahoo! That's pretty cool! And considering that I worked today and last Thursday, next month's tuition is already almost half paid for! LOL.

Time to put the girls to bed, go put up my aching feet, and settle in for The Biggest Loser or Dancing with the Stars and get rested up for tomorrow!

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