Friday, August 22, 2008

PTA / Room Mom Stuff

There was a PTA meeting on Tuesday afternoon. I found out about it last minute, and it worked out great to go as I was down one kid, Rachel was with Grandpa Steve on his work route. Hannah and I grabbed a Starbucks and back to school we went for the meeting.

Lots of things happening and getting underway for the new school year ahead. I like to go to these meetings and usually start off the new school year going, but then get frustrated with the fact that my preschooler is a little disruptive, talkative, etc. But I was assured the other day to keep coming and stay involved. There are a few other moms with preschool aged kids, so that'll give Rachel some kids to sit and color with, etc. So, I hope to go to the PTA meetings they have once a month and stay informed and get more involved, etc.

One of the holdbacks of getting involved more is the fact that I have a preschooler at home, and I don't want to be bugging my mom to watch her all the time. However, I learned this week, from a mom who has a preschooler, that our principal is really big on having the younger siblings accompany the volunteering mom to the school. He likes kids and enjoys interacting with the younger ones as well. I was excited to hear this. I need our principal to get to know Rachel's face and her personality, as I will more than likely need his "approval" on Rachel getting into that school for Kindergarten in the 2009-2010 school year (boy, that sounds weird).

I met with our teacher yesterday afterschool to talk about what she needs from me as her Room Mom this year. And sadly, she's not used to having someone so willing to help. She's used to doing most of the work herself. This is the second year in a row that I've heard that from a teacher. Sad. But I offered my help in how ever she may need me to help or gather help, etc. It was nice getting to talk to her for a bit. And just as I presumed, Hannah's teacher is a Disney Fanatic. Even had a Minnie/Mickey Mouse topper atop her wedding cake. She even admitted to her desire to have gotten married at Disneyland, but knew she'd probably still be paying on it. LOL. Hooray for Disney Fanatic teachers!

This morning, we had a Room Mom meeting to discuss Room Mom duties for the year, etc. Nothing new to me. Same things as last year. It looks to be a great year, there are a bunch of other moms whom I've worked with in years past. I'm excited for the new possibilities that lie ahead in the school year to come.

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